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A full service accounting firm, we provide bookkeeping, accounting and tax services to individuals, small businesses, service professionals, and small corporations.

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We work with individuals as well as small businesses, offering you what you can need in bookkeeping service, accounting and tax preparation.

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Highlights Accounting Services Ltd. can help your business preparing your Annual Financial Report through a very dedicated review of all the financial transactions of your business.

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Kim Dynamics Inc.

Sample ImageKimberlitic Indicator Minerals are powerful tools in diamond exploration. Their recognition in till samples is vital in the search for kimberlites. Their visual features are important for proximity of the kimberlitic source and delineation of the indicator trains. Their geochemical features are the signature of kimberlitic diamond potential.

Maja KiridzijaKIM Dynamics has the expertise to recognize and interpret visual and geochemical features of KIMs and obtain results for any diamond exploration company. The years of exploration experience focused on KIMs sampling, processing and observing gives KIM Dynamics priority in laboratory and consulting services.

Maja Kiridzija M.Sc., P. Geo. President of KIM Dynamics Maja Kiridzija, M.Sc., P.Geo., President of KIM Dynamics Inc., has 20 years of experience in all stages of laboratory and exploration work predominantly focused on diamond exploration in Canada.

As president of KIM Dynamics Inc., she provides consulting and contracting diamond exploration mineral services to a variety of clients who play a major role in the Canadian diamond rush. She has significant experience in performing a variety of microscope and instrument-based mineralogical studies for kimberlitic indicator minerals, diamonds and gemstones including binocular microscopes, SEM, QEMSCAN and electron microprobes.

As the sole mineralogist at Tahera Corporation, Maja played a fundamental role in the development of their observing laboratory, as well as working closely with the field team interpreting and integrating the KIM results into the exploration program. As one of the first mineralogists employed by Ashton Mining of Canada Inc., Maja gained invaluable exposure to the exploration process. She worked predominantly in the laboratory but also participated in field programs at various stages of their development.

This combination of laboratory expertise and exploration knowledge allows Maja to offer an integrated consulting service to all diamond explorers.

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