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A full service accounting firm, we provide bookkeeping, accounting and tax services to individuals, small businesses, service professionals, and small corporations.

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We work with individuals as well as small businesses, offering you what you can need in bookkeeping service, accounting and tax preparation.

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Highlights Accounting Services Ltd. can help your business preparing your Annual Financial Report through a very dedicated review of all the financial transactions of your business.

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LMSCL Lower Mainland Society for Community Living

LMSCL is offering Life Skills, Socialization and Skills leading to higher levels of independence. Participants are supported to develop skills that will assist them to gain a great confidence in their lives and community.

Goals are based on one’s abilities and needs. Life skills teaching can involve direct teaching/mentoring and/or group classes and workshops. Support hours can be scheduled for weekdays, weekends and evenings. Skills instruction and support: Educational links /Career Exploration, Money Management, Health & Safety, Community Awareness, Transportation/ Learning to use Transit, Social Skills, Nutrition, Relationship Building & Development, Sexuality Training, Emergency Preparedness, Communication & Telephone Skill, Shopping, Cooking, Nutrition, Socialization, Educational assistance with Reading and Writing, Independence Skills, Laundry and Cleaning, Banking and Paying Bills, Crafts, Physical Health, Working Groups to achieve Higher Degrees of Independence, Autism Socialization Group/Problem solving and facing challenge.

LMSCL offers a variety of community supports throughout the Lower Mainland. Participants have the opportunity to choose programs and activities. A variety of activities is provided in small and large groups and one-to-one settings. Through the planning process, each individual’s interests, desires, strengths and abilities are explored and programs developed to meet those needs. Opportunities to participate in educational activities and other activities designed to enhance participants’ smooth transitions into family homes and support systems from more institutional and populous settings. Programs hours are usually flexible and are designed to suit the needs of participants. As with our residential services, community integration and participation is a cornerstone of our community support services.

Day support programs provide a range of recreational and learning opportunities to participants. There are various program models available to participants. The core model offers a variety of modules based upon participant interest. Examples of modules are: Acting Group (consists of a group of talented actors with developmental disabilities who perform improvisational and comedy acting for audiences of all ages. Their goal is to entertain while also raising social awareness), Rights and Responsibilities, Music/Karaoke Café, Community Gym Exercise Group and Outdoor Sports, Aqua-fit, Shopping, Cooking, Nutrition, Volunteer Training, Bingo, Social Club & Dance, Yoga, Day-Trips, Camping, Creative Arts & Crafts, Educational and Recreational Games, Personal Safety, Self-esteem, Friendship and Relationship Building, Social and Life Skills, Creative Writing, Current Events Reviews & Discussions.

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